Terms of Use – Returns Policy – Withdrawal – Cancellation

Cavistas.gr does its utmost to ensure the absolute validity of the information posted on the website and in particular the registration of the products with their full details (price, quality and technical characteristics, descriptions, photos, etc.), but without prejudice to any spelling, typographical or other mistakes resulting from human error or technical defects. In any case, the customer retains the absolute right to withdraw from the order in case of finding such a substantial error in a product that he has ordered.

Cavistas.gr has the right to change the prices and the conditions of the website, with the obligation of informing the users of any changes, by modifying the corresponding items on the website. It is obvious that any changes do not apply to orders made before them.

Cavistas.gr does not guarantee the availability of products on the website. Nevertheless, it guarantees to inform customers, in a timely manner, of the availability of the products requested in the order.

Cavistas.gr has no further responsibility for any technical problems faced by site visitors and users, which are related to technical and logistical resources that site visitors and users use to accede to our website.


All prices indicated on the website are in euros.

All prices of products listed on the website apply to the purchase of products only through the website and not for the purchase in the physical store, where, they might be existing variations in prices.

For the products on the website that are on offer, only the offer price applies, without any additional discount, that might be provided to products of the same category.

Following the receipt and the repayment of a product, the corresponding document shall be issued and delivered to the customer (depending on the mode of delivery of the order).

The minimum order via the e-shop is 2 units regardless of their type (the number of items in the shopping cart).


If you find any defect and / or a vice in the product, then you can inform us by contacting us by mail at info@cavistas.gr in order to declare whether you want a new product replacing the defective good or you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal. If the product that you received is faulty from its manufacture, you can request a replacement of the same or another product of your choice, or to issue a credit valid for one year or the interest-free refund. Any return or replacement of an order are made following the control of the defective product, without transportation costs, under the condition to inform our company within 5 working days and with the transportation company that we recommend.
The shipping cost always appears automatically in the final payment amount before the order is complete.


The customer has the right to withdraw the order made through the online store of Cavistas.gr up before the receipt of the order.

The cancellation of the order can be made through the customer’s account, via the corresponding required procedure of the sending of the message. If the order is displayed in the account as “complete”, but it has not yet been received by the customer, the cancellation can be done only by telephone.


Cavistas.gr, with regard to processing the first order of a new customer, has the right to make a confirmation call for the customer’s data in order to request additional information, in case of identical data of two clients.

Cavistas.gr will delete any account, through which there is a systematic fictitious registration of (false or continuously cancelled) orders.

Cavistas.gr records and manages the personal data of the website users and all the applicants as members of the website, exclusively for the customer service and the processing of orders.

Cavistas.gr does not lend, does not rent and does not sell or grant the personal data of the website users and all applicants as members of the website, to anyone, in any way and for any reason.

The allocation of the personal data of a subscriber or a user as a member can only be made upon a written request by the same user-member of the website or a judicial decision in accordance with the legislation.